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MBH/Mobile Boat Hoist

Capacity: 32-1000t

Span: 12-21m

Lifting Height: 9-11m

Working Grade: A7-A8

Power Supply: 380v 50Hz

Application industries: Shipyards, Boat Repair Shop, Wharf and Yacht Club, etc.

Product Description

Introduction of MBH/Mobile Boat Hoist

MBH/Mobile Boat Hoist, also named boat travel lift, is widely used as hoist equipment for water sports, yacht club, sailing and voyage. Mainly apply in maintenance and repairing of boat and could move boat or yacht with different weight from dockyard.

Boat Crane,Mobile Yacht Crane,Mobile Boat Hoist

Features of MBH/Mobile Boat Hoist

1. Lifting capacity is 32-1000t.

2. Multi-aspect inspection such as lifting weight, lifting height, lifting speed to guarantee abject lift safe and stable.

3. Tire type walking mechanism with function of slant walking, crab walking, Ackerman steering and pivot steering, and multi-lifting lug synchronic adjust to fit for different boat.

Boat Crane,Mobile Yacht Crane,Mobile Boat Hoist

4. With diesel engine and hydraulic drive.

5. With cab operation and wireless remote control.

6.Compact construction´╝îsafe and reliable.

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